Friday, April 9, 2010


God is beautiful: it's evident when you look outside, when you spend quiet time alone with Him, when you look at a pregnant woman, when you can see His radiance glowing off those who love Him. God is with us!

i get to see my mother today. i am so excited. i am driving to nashville today and spending tonight and all day tomorrow with her in the Music City. i really am bummed that i can't go to left field lounge tonight or ole miss meet tomorrow with loren, but i am thrilled to see the one who has cared for me from the moment she knew i was alive. i love you mommy.

my friendships are strengthening in Christ, i couldn't ask for anything more. i know i deserve none of it, but i am so blessed to have God-loving people in my life. thank you for building me up and caring for me through thick and thin.

i ran 30 minutes today, for some reason my right leg goes completely numb. i think it is because my calf is extremely tight. it happens about 21-25 minutes into the run. i am not really concerned with it. i have been taking plenty of anti-inflammatories and am finding comfort in Christ Jesus whether i can run or not. that is truely an expereince! :) no pain today, praise God.

have a wonderful weekend everyone! wishing my sister bear a very happy 19th birthday! i love you budsey, nuttles, auggie, dave! you are the best sizzler anyone could ever have. hugs sisif! ♥

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