Wednesday, April 14, 2010

frying my liver

i talked to my dad today! :) it was so nice to hear his voice, i really miss him. i wish i could see him more so he could see how happy i truly am by being surrounded by such awesome God-loving people. i am a NEW person, but still renee.

so i have been taking Advil/Tylenol/ibuprofen like no one's business. (which is probably going to cause my liver to die) well, i have been following all the rules, but i am taking prescription strength every 4-6 hours which is 800mg which is 4 pills in most doses.

it is truly helping because i had so much inflammation in my knee as i started running again, my body just couldn't handle the stress i was putting on it with all the pounding, twisting, jostling.

it has been a great week. i am really slacking on studying (not like i really have to at this point, but it is always a good idea to get ahead) i just want to be outside, i just want to do cartwheels in the drill field, i just want to bask in the beautiful sun designed by my Creator!

Mississippi is a truly incredible place. ask me that a year ago, i would have told you to never come here, it was horrible and that i wanted to transfer. but NOW! are you kidding!? i am plugged in with the most amazing people who love Christ and love life in general! i am surrounded by positive influences who love me FOR me and NOT for WHAT i do. i have the most beautiful college campus i have EVER been on. i am blessed to have wonderful roommates and a wonderful best friend! i am oh so blessed and would have been a fool to skip out on this amazing chance to run/do life at Mississippi state university.

alto of people have been down in the dumps here lately, including me. it's important to remember to have a solid foundation in Christ, that way when troubles of this life spring upon us we have a safe refuge and truthful assurance that we are in God's hands. also, get your sleep people. last week i got little, little, little sleep....thus i was a crab-monster/lethargic-beast throughout the week....though nothing was truly wrong. oh.....and take your liquid iron :)

gonna go run for the Calmer of my waves,
the squirrel-lover

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  1. today was the first day i truly loved cornell. i was smiling @ the bus stop for no apparent reason. i love life. i love you! i'll be seeing u this summer. promise.