Sunday, March 21, 2010

ten minutes of bliss

if i could pack up, quit school, quit running, and move anywhere in the would be to the isolated mountains of co. a sweet escape. the best reality. (and i would do it in a heart beat....if it meant leaving tomorrow)

anyway, since i am stuck here....i will embrace it! :)

im not concerned about running nor am i as excited as i thought i would be to start running again, however, i am interested to see what kind of an impact running will have on me and my everyday. i don't want it to control my attitude or my every actions ever again.

i ran for 10 minutes in memphis at thr rhodes track meet. it was awesome, no pain. just a little overwhelmed at how out of shape i am. i guess that is what 6 months of no training will do to you.

again, today, i ran 10 minutes. today was better, and faster. i ran from my apartment to south farm and back. nothing terribly exciting. it was nice to be in the open air and marvel at God's wonder. i said this past week that there was nothing in mississippi compared to colorado, but i was wrong. mississippi is beautiful. i'm sorry for offending anyone, if i did.

colorado was awesome. i have alot of pictures on facebook if you are interested in looking at them. it was just great to see how people of all different backgrounds can come together for the common purpose of loving God. we all worked together painting, pulling trees, cooking, cleaning, and hiking with a purpose. i have never seen anything more breath-taking in my life than this past week. God is the CREATOR!!!

putting running on the back-burner but my head is starting to boil,


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