Tuesday, March 23, 2010

chaffing never felt so good???

today i saw dr. linton, again. it has been almost 7 weeks since surgery. i have been struggling mentally to stay in a positive frame of mind, but with the help of faithful friends and the power of my might God, i have been protected from making running/lack of running my idol.

but here i sit, at strange brew (my home away from 8201), reflecting on a great day. i will run (haha) you through it.

8:00am...i stagger out of bed and fix a cup of deep, black joe.
9:15am....i am out the door and head to campus.
9:30am....i meet with my advisor and she signs my sheet for classes next semester (uh....talk about going to die, yes, next semester i might as well live in a hole and never come out because that is basically what i will have to do to get good grades. physics, organic, cell biology, chem lab, physics lab, sports nutrition, writing for biology! yes! i am such a nerd, but oh so embracing it).
9:50...i meander to the union and sit at the patio to dive into scripture: a much needed slap in the face, encouraging word, beautiful song, and lift of spirit it truely was.
10:40....i enjoy the sunshine as i walk to my biology class where i am excited to learn even more (biology is my favorite class, fyi)
11:00.....good morning classes!
12:00...class gets out 15 minutes early.
12:30...i'm sitting in the same exact seat for my nutrition class, which i am less thrilled about.
12:31...i stop paying attention and start making note cards for my upcoming test :) haha!
1:37....class is out and i head to einstien's to get a delicious chicken wrap for lunch.
2:00....i am sitting at the union enjoying my lunch, the sunshine, and my mother's beautiful voice on the other end of the phone.
2:50...practice time!
3:45.....i finally get to see dr. linton (i am absoultely beaming at this point)
3:53....i'm out and off to run!
5:02....i am done running for 20 minutes, 4x100 strides, abs, stretching, icing...and smiling prasing God for giving me the ability to run!
5:50....i start making chunky chicken noodle soup from a can that my friend brought to me after spring break because i was sick, needless to say, it was delcious ;)
6:30.....strange brew, and i am comfortable.

running was absolutely incredible. i felt the sun....oh, and i felt my thighs and i felt my heart pounding and i felt my lungs burn. i felt how out of shape i was, but i am running, that is the important part. :)

i am 12-pounds away from race weight, so....looks like i will be focusing on that aspect a little more than usual now that i am back in stupid skimpy spandex and tight shirts. yeah, i guess 6-months of inactivity kills you physically, but spiritually, wow, HOORAY! i type this with a huge smile, spilling tea and all. coldstone is right beside the brew....i am really tempted, but i won't.

oh, i also felt chaffing, hahahahaha, must be a runner,

noodle bug. (morgan's new name for me)

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  1. yay for chaffing! i am so incredibly proud of you! you have come such a long way and have had such a great attitude through the whole journey! it has been awesome to see how God has worked in and through you this year! you are such a blessing to my life! i love you so much!