Thursday, March 4, 2010


it's the wonderful month of march.
(picture is of me, loren, and riley at a baseball game)

here is an update on my knee condition:

  • monday: biked for 10 minutes on non-fan bike & regular PT
  • tuesday: underwater tredmill for 15 min
  • wednesday: biked for 20 minutes getting up to 111 RPM & regular PT
  • thursday: underwater tredmill for 15 min (later into the night did some hardcore dancing with the roommates.....i am currently icing my knee just in case. lol)
  • friday: tba....i will be taking tomorrow off and increasing resistance during PT
  • saturday: i will be taking full day rest
  • sunday: i am allowed to bike at aleast 20 minutes on the bike, slowly. if not, i need complete rest

my knee overall feels great. i am able to go up and down the stairs with more ease than i could before the surgery. the swelling is going down tremendously. dr. linton said he still doesn't want me running on land until the swelling on the inside of my knee goes down, the outside swelling around the IT band he said he is not concerned with and said that it is natural. it will be the last place to de-swell. i am really excited to be pain-free. i am not so concerned with running right now, i just want to be able to walk like a normal person first.

i still feel like i am favoring my left leg, and i feel like i walk with a gimp, and i feel like i walk with too much of a twist in my hips. i will be working on stretching my hip flexors much more.

it has been 4-weeks since i have had my surgery and it has been 3 weeks of PT. :) it is amazing how fast the human body can recover, and how far a positive mind can take you. what is even more amazing is the love and comfort of Jesus. when we trust in Him, there is no reason to get anxious or worry about things of this world. He will take care of everything. i realize that He has a plan for everything! it is not in my control. i am SO thankful for this injury, i have been able to meet so many amazing people, do so many exciting things where i wouldn't have been able to, and i have spent much more personal time with the Lord. i have drawn so much closer to God through this injury, He was the only place i had left to go. and praise be to God for this injury.

i am so excited for this knee condition to finally heal for good. i am going on spring break to colorado for missions work. i will be painting and chopping wood for this camp. i am SO stoked. it is going to be a wonderful week in the mountains. also, today, i got to play with kids at Kids Konnection! it was SO fun, it is amazing how much a child can impact your life...while at the same time you are impacting their's. God is great. friends are good. life is crazy.

in nothing but good spirits and good laughter,
the noodler



  1. I am so excited about your leg! you will be running in no time! im kinda jealous you are going to colorado without me, but i will be ther for a month this summer so i guess its ok :)
    i love you so so so so much!!!

  2. Yeah, an update finally!! I knew you've been a busy body but I just love knowing what's going on with your life!! WE NEEDA SHHKYPE soon, R'nee! Much love like always :)
    -ree ree