Friday, January 15, 2010

kentucky bound dawg pack

this weekend is the first indoor meet and it is being held in lexington. i wish i was going to ky to run fast for state, and also to see my favorite uk girls, but that is just not the case.

instead, i am focusing on the positives. trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel. so if you read my previous post, you know that i am not happy with my current situation. but i am trying to find something positive out of,

1. today i was at walmart and i saw 2 men in wheel chairs, i thought to myself, at least i can walk.

2. i am able to draw nearer to the Lord in this very, very, very trying and tough time. i began reading the book, "desiring God" with loren and i ran across an interesting thought "the human hear remains a ceaseless factory of desires" (pg. 12). okay, yes, obviously we knew that, but now i KNOW that. i hope that makes sense. i need to focus more on the abilities and gifts has given me and use them to glorify HIM, not ot glorify MYSELF. i will give HIM the praise, and NOT MYSELF, and NOT MY TEAMMATES, and NOT MY COACH. but HIM, my Lord God, Emmanuel, Yeshua.

3. whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the flory of God -1 corinthians 10: 31 , well folks, i guess running falls under the category "whatever" so i'll lay it all on the line for him.

4. at least i am injured and unable to run instead of running and not being remotely satified with my races, i will always want more and always want to be better and faster and skinnier. (brent talked to me about this concept today, and it was really a good way to look at my injury. i hadn't thought of that fact. i was always thinking, well if i coudl run AT LEAST i would be running....but yeah, brent's right, i'll never be content with myself)

5. God is never far.

those are great positives that have come to light here recently. my leg is still doing horrible. however, AT LEAST i can bend my knee again and walk again without unbearable pain. here and there it is dodgey. i still can't run. i really do want to get healthy again, both in running and in my immune system. i think being around people again after break has broken my immune system. i have a really bad cold, runny nose, itchy eyes, flemmy cough, hot flases, sore dry scratchy throat. yeah, thats about text book defiintion of the common cold.

GO DOGS! run fast like cheetahs and jump high like kangaroos this weekend! UAWA!

with a faint smile but a smile nnonetheless,

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  1. Those are all great things to remember! I read through ch 1 today and i really like it and am excited to read more! (are we just gonna stick with ch 1 til we meet?)

    sorry you are feeling under the weather! get some sleep and relaxation this weekend!

    I miss you so so much! I wish you were here with us; its just not the same without you!

    race schedule has changed...i race at 5:30 tomorrow, and the last race is at 6:45, which means we probably won't be back til 3 AM!!! nonetheless, i will see you at church on sunday!

    love you crazy woman!