Monday, January 18, 2010


well, i was welcomed back to the ice bath today, or rahter, i guess i welcomed myself back. oh how i missed lorenzo and his sexy cabana panama jack self, fan and feed me grapes would you? oh kelly, lorenzo loves us, or maybe we just love lorenzo. (for anyone reading this, lorenzo is a fictious character in which the xc girls have imagined in order to get us through the first stabbing 2 minutes in the ice bath, after that, we are numb and need not to think we are on a warm beach having a beach boy feed us grapes, cool us, and perhaps give us san-tan lotion....but that is beside the point)

i was determined to reek positivism, and positivism i sure reeked.
  • first ice bath since septembter-ish

  • it was a beautiful 65-70 degree in lovely mississippi.

  • the ice bath, was 50 degrees and jettttt power.

  • however, lorenzo was back in my life, finally.

  • i talked to myself like a little kid, i was trying to stay positive and remind myself that i will run again, hopefully soon. MTXE MTXE MTXE, i said that over and over. i said aloud how every time my competition sleeps is a chance for me to out train them, even though i am injured. i verbalized the fact that this is the SEC, and it is serious. the best confrenece in the nation. i pumped myself up, UAWA UAWA UAWA. MENTAL TOUGHNESS EXTRA EFFORT!!!! everything for His glory. whether i eat or drink, or whatever, do it for HIS glory alone.

  • i had dinner with good friends and spent the night diving into scripture.

  • it's not fair that i miss my friends from back home and friends whom have since now graduated and moved on from here :/ but i am so happy that they have made an impact on my life.

now, just patiently waiting until my leg is healed and i can run once again. whether that be tomorrow miraculously, or whether it is 6 months from now. i will take it, as long as i can feel the warmth of the sun and the harshness of the wind on my cheeks. as long as i can escape reality for one run. as long as it brings glory to God.

trying to be an example to other injured atheletes while not going crazy myself,

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