Sunday, September 13, 2009

welcome leaping lynx

lo is now in the tribe.

uawa, my little leaping lynx. :)
sad day, i was exiled from the splash club due to inability to prodcuce the requirements to join on a daily basis. however, this morning (sunday) i successfully joined at 8:43 am. exciting, isn't it!!!?
lets get serious,
workout time. yesterday was friggin' fantstic. 4x400 and then 4x5 min. yeah, 400s pretty much ruled my life. i felt so smooth. evidently so did the rest of the team because we all balled them out at about 80 when we were supposed to go 84 for blood-flowing purproses. who cares though? cause we were able to finish the workout! :) the 5 minutes were aawwwwwwwesome so awesome soooo awwwweseome! here were my paces verus my distance that coach calculated on the spot.
#1-17:56 pace
#2 (up satan's hill)-18:03 pace
#3-17:21 pace
#4 (up satan's hill yet again0-17:36 pace
on the 3rd one i literally could have captured the world. i felt so smooth. the 4th one just able killed me as we rocked to the top, but i made it. :)
this workout wasn't designed to absolutly destroy us. it was supposed to be smooth and relaxed at race pace. oh man i loved it, and owned it. whooooo!
time out: i was just successful AGAIN! (9:07 am this time)! :) halllelujah.
leg update: please just kill me. i can't have anything go wrong. i dont know what it is. matt and jimmy (our trainer, formally known as witchdoctor healing spirit) think its muscle, but i have a had time believing them. i am going to the doctor today, wish me luck and please pray.
taking today, probably monday, and tuesday off. getting my leg better before something goes terribly wrong and i hate myself for all eternity.
splash club member x 2,
little running cub (BEAR!!!! cub, please don't think i am a lion cub, gay!)

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