Monday, September 14, 2009

kill me? please?

so i obviously have no control over what my body is doing, but i can try to help it....i will praise God in the storm, He gives and takes away. i am trying to remember that every wave will crest and i will be blessed if i remain faithful. i fear the Lord.

i am icing like crazy and taking so much ibprofen i might fail an NCAA drug test, not really, but seriously. i am taking more calicum in one day than i think normal humans should have in a whole year. i strech like i am a yoga master, and then i ice alittle more. rest. repeat.

doc couldn't see me yesterday. coach is pretty positive it is tendonitis, but i still can't convince myself that. i feel tingles down the leg and a pin point where my fibula and tibia meet. not sure how to react at this point.

staying positive and developing gills again,
little swimming guppie

p.s. aqua jogging was incredibly, fasinatingly boring this morning....even if club h20 was playing my music.

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