Friday, September 11, 2009

ice bath surprise

the saying is true...."ice baths bring people together"
well, wether or not it is a legit saying that is known around the world, it is at least a statement in its truest fashion.

christina, kelly, chloe, and i ice bathed after our relazing 3-mile trail run and quality dog movement circuit...minus the movement. oh,'re a GREAT partner. SADDLE UP!
our beach boy, lorenzo, was fanning us and feeding us grapes while in the ice bath. also, he was rubbing lotion on our backs and we lay in the sun with the sand between our toes. boy, i love lorenzo and i don't know if i would make it without him each day.

club splash gained a member. christina is now fully participating in our rituals and festivities.

in addition to the wonderful news about club splash....indian names were distributed while inhabiting the ice bath for 12 minutes.

kelly-little sprinting tiger
christina-little majestic unicorn
chloe-little fire fly
me-little running cub
CR...who hapened to join in late, but none the less-little muddy panther. (orignally panda, but panther is a better fit)

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