Thursday, September 10, 2009

im turning into a pig?

maybe i have swine flu, maybe my head just hurts, maybe i just feel like vomitting everywhere, maybe i am dying.

not really sure at this point.

on the running note: workout went well this morning. hills baby, hills.
3x3x400 at race tempo!
gotta love it. everyone did really well today. alot of people are battling sicknesses, but hopefully we'll all come out on top with strong immune systems.
legs felt like jello on last few, i kinda think we got too much rest between sets, but i felt good anyway. today wasn't so mentally shattering, which is always beneficial.
hey, i love running and i get to eat ice cream today....apparently i need more fat in my diet cause im losing too much of it. awesome, not. im really paranoid about my period and stuff, not like i think that should be kept personal or anything-cause i really don't care-but seriously, not having a period for girl runners is like not have jet fuel for a plane. you just can't operate effectively and at full power, it weakens everything in you. ahhh. alright, good excuse for eating icecream, and guess what....i deserve it.
happy thursday my mom is coming to town,
renoodle lips.

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