Wednesday, September 9, 2009

if it's the beaches....

club splash member X a million.

having a good life again, all smiles and running fast. i am feeling rather fit these days. yes, i am eating nutella everyday and it is a perfect way to start off any and EVERY day. iron pumps through my veins on a very regular basis, goodbye stupid anemia. :P
had a really good long run on monday; good easy 3-mi am and 5-mi pm runs; and then another 5-mi easy run today on north farm. dominique is definitely the best Big-10 and Dog-1 circuit partner. we beasted that stuff! :)

im going to have a great day.

oh. my right leg has been acting stupid since monday's long run. think it might be because i did it all on pavement for the first time in about a month or two. :X my bad. i think it is high in my hammy or periformis muscle in my toosh. at least i have felt something similar before, think its pinching my sciatic nerve and sending shoots of pain to my calf. awesome, it will be fine in no time though.

supposed to run 3-mi easy this afternoon but i think i am taking it off to foam roll and ice bath. my legs are just a bit shocked and shot lately.

naynee pants


  1. nutella is an awesome way to start the day

  2. Ummm you are the beast and running more amazingly by far. Keep it up, more good stuff ahead.