Monday, September 7, 2009

long run mondays

best long run ever. did downtown loop and then some. it was fabulous. i ran with my twin kelly most of the run and chloe too. i like to refer to us as triplets who happen to always be in the splash club, every morning. downed some gatorade. did some abs and pushups. felt really good about myself.

i took sunday off, as i do most weeks (which i now implemented into my schdeule due to my foot injury) it has been working well for me thus far.

lets reflect on this past weekend:i ran a legit PR, even though the time wasn't as fast. if you want to compare the course to notre dame, i obviously ran faster. notre dame was 17:52 last year-flat flat flatttttttttttt. sewanee this year was 17:57-hills, hills, flat, hills, golf course. practically ran the 17:57 by my self. i think i could have gone faster, honestly. your questoin...then why didnt you? i know i know. honestly, i didn't even know how fast i was running. you could have told me i was running 18:30 pace and i probably would have believed you. on a side note, i like when coaches yell at me, thanks coach dudley. :)
i am really proud of our team. as yound as we are, we still shouldn't be taken for granted. we have amazing talent that has barely been taped into yet and we are already doing big things. congrats ladies! i am so glad you are my family!

we sounded awesome yelling UAWA at the meet,


  1. yay! glad u had a great long run this morning. what's up with the foot?

  2. just precautionary stuff. still nervous about it, though i think it is fine.
    taking every sunday off just lets my mind rest, more than anything.

    how is your knee?