Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st time veagan and it's nice to meat you

IT'S WORKOUT DAY! (time to destroy my body)

another wonderful day. nutella, coffee, and i turned on bo burnham to pump me up for this extreme craziness.

so here is how the workout unfolded:

easy 400s at roughly 84: we hit mostly 84s for the first set
the 1200s/4mins were the s.h.i.zzzzzz: simmie and i busted out the first one hitting 2:39 for our first 800 and almost making it to the 1200 mark, still running 5:20 pace. the second was similar and the third one was a bit slower at the 800. the fourth however, i really tried to hold steady. i managed to make it about the same distance everytime-just about 2 strides short of the 1200. i am frekaing stoked. the 4th one was my strongest (mentally and physically)
last set of 400s: we pwned em, hands down. everyone was straight ballin.

it was a great day for the whole team. kalli managed to run 4 miles today!!! loren is looking amazing and just found out that she is going to be racing this weekend in sewanee. CR's foot/ankle stopped hurting (we got really nervous for a few days)! and sarah is starting to run again little by little. her knee is still bothering her, but i think it is getting better with time. anna can lift her knee/hip really high now...i think she only has about a week or two until she can run again. everyone seems to be in great spirits! i am so proud of our whole team!!!


eating neaches and pectarines for breakFAST,
noodle face

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