Monday, August 31, 2009

euphoria at 0545

found some cool high school running pictures that i didnt know/ or forgot that they existed.

today started off great. NFL NETWORK at 4 in the morning?! yeah! ate a peach, it was good. then....obviously off to practice where i had predetermined i was going to run faster than 7:20 pace because i had alot on my mind and wanted to blow some steam. honestly, just didn't feel like running with people today.
so the run starts off and i am feeling so fresh and sooooo clean. :) pssh, but seriosuly, its like 60 degrees and the sun is just beginning to peak over the horizon. the run was great because i got to spend some quality time with myself and talk to God. i went over in my head the recent events that have occurred in my life and my family's lives. and you know what, i am okay with it. i love my family and i love myself. as much winding as the path we run down does, it always takes you to an unexpected scenery where you learn to cope and make due with what you are give and what is taken away. this kind of goes along with the most recent note i wrote. roadmap

i honestly don't give two cents about what the team said or thought in the run today, if they wanted to run with me, they would have run with me. if you think i am going to fast, keep your comments to yourself and run at your own pace. it is my body and if i am going tooooooo fast, iiiii will be the one to feel its effects the next day. everyone has to do what they feel they are capable of handling. i, without one doubt, am doing my portion.

on a food note, i am going to be enjoying a homemade creation by CR. it's called breakfast apple pie. apparently it has cornflakes, apples, cinnamon, brown sugar, and syrup in it. sounds yummy right!? :)

there is ice strapped to my hamstrings,



  1. I'm glad you felt good on the run this morning. I on the other hand was a little tired so I stayed back with the rest of the group, but I understand that if you're feeling good and need a good run, you want to go for it, so I'm happy that you were able to do as well as you did this morning :) I did miss running with you, though!

  2. don't let comments get to you. I've run faster than the group before too