Tuesday, August 25, 2009

pm practice

easy 3 miles today at pm practice, AND 100 push-ups AND 400 sit-ups, AND like a mile of sprint drills (WHICH I AM FINALLY CONQUERING!!!! BTW) i must say it went much better than i had planned. even though my arms are about to fall off (push-ups/abs in the am and pm today) and my stomach feels as if i laughed for a year straight, i actually had feeling in my legs again and felt strong. i must say, i love kelly so much; we are basically the same person and i would love her to have my children. haha :)
took a nap today for the first time since....oh, since i was in colorado (which was in the summer)
rushed off to night class after practice and enjoyed a yummy dinner of broccoli, chicken, grapes, and rice for dinner.

in bed by 9:30 is a rare, but uhhhhmazing event,

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