Tuesday, August 25, 2009

coffee pulsation

i woke up this morning-not quite as refreshed as i had been hoping- but im alive. i had an SAAC meeting this morning which is Student-Athlete Advisory Counsel. i am very honored to acquire this position; hopefully, it is just one more credit to add to the list in setting myself apart from plain jane. (oh, i got a free t-shirt, true maroon baby)i ran before the meeting and then downed 2 cups of caffeine, i am jacked to say the least....and as i am typing this, i am drinking my 3rd. ;)

the run was okay, legs tight and fatigued but about 15 minutes in i started to feel better. my calves are moo-ing at all hours now, matt tired to roll them out last night but because i am such cry baby and squirmer (lol) it was hardly helpful. i have another run this afternoon and then headed to night class (it's another EVENTFUL, BUSY day). happiness is overflowing through my veins these days as i keep myself busy, because for some reason i love making deadlines and having a set and full schedule.

im all jacked up,


  1. I really like this blog! Wow from the picture I can tell you are going to have an amazing year. Look at SEC cross country and track.


  2. That was suppose to say look OUT sec cross country and track. oops.