Wednesday, August 26, 2009

pavement paradise

yay for running on pavement again! today was a 5-mile morning. it's been forever since i have been able to feel so free and fast. awesome (and new route) run! im naming this the vet loop because we run past the vet school. when we got back to the track we had 4x100 strides and then 2 sets pilates circuit plus BIG 6 workout which consists of push-ups and sit-ups (again, awesome) i really didn't mind it this morning, i love feeling the burn in my arms. i am getting fitter and faster everyday. chloe, kell, and i had a pow-wow in the icebath again, love those 2. just one more way to secure the future of fastness, doing everything right the first time. stretching, icing, elevating, vitamins.....and running. a routine we perfect every day.

tomorrow is going to be interesting. another tempo on hills. i am excited, i think it will be easier than last time because i know what to mentally prepare for, but still, tempos aren't my strong point. i would rather interval it up for the day. im excited though, because i know these are the workouts that are going to get me where i want to be!

ate lots of nutella, turning into a hazelnut slowly.

hazelnut spread, hazelnut coffee, hazelnut icecream, hazelnut candy, a nut.
more practice this afternoon, then team meeting. today is going to be less stressful and less busy. looking forward to the weekends workouts.
until i run again,

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