Friday, August 28, 2009


thursday was easily the best day of my life, i am determined to make today (friday) the new-best day, and from here on out, each new day will be the first new day to the best day of my life. my choice, indeed.

today i started the morning by sleeping in till 8am! i was sleeping so hard that i (1) had the most bizarre dreams, and i mean BIZARRE! and (2) i drooled all over my sheets, yes!
i skipped out the door, down the stairs, and out to a sunny starkville morning where i proceeded to run 3 miles. honestly, legs felt so drained for the first 5 minutes. i was debating, before i went to bed last night, if i was even going to run. i am glad i did, because it was a really good-leg stretching run. i felt good. then i had a yummy breakfast of plums, peaches, cheese, and nuts.

we have another easy 3 and circuits (please save my arms!) this afternoon. its friday, and i am relieved. i have alot of homework, but i am feeling like some serious relaxation coming on this weekend. possibly some strombolis. yeeeah boy!

its chase's birthday, so happy birthday chasenator! ;)

pep in my steps,

p.s. finished breaking dawn today (it's about time!)

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