Thursday, August 27, 2009



i woke early, 4:11 am, and went through my robotic motions as i do every morning. bathroom, turn on tv, turn on light, stretch, go to kitchen, turn on coffee, pop in some bread, nutella/pb the junk out of the toast, eat it, down the 3 cups coffee, and occupy the rest of my time by either facestalking people or cleaning my room.
taylor swift, and thankfully her song "you belong with me," woke me up. i love this music video, so homey and fairy tale like. every girl's dream come true.

on an athletic note:
the workout went superbly. balled out a 6 mile tempo on hills. not bad at all, easier (mentally) than last week, but physically i pushed it earlier and lasted longer (YAY!) we stayed as a pack of 5 for the first 1.5 miles. i was really proud of all the girls today. everyone is really looking good and getting into shape. lo is finally getting squared away, and i am so thankful for this. she has been battling injury after injury and i am just glad to see her finally running pain-free and rather impressively! she's my hero, seriously.

i took an ice bath (in really nasty, murky, salt-encrusted water) and it was heavenly, once again. something about ice baths i can't get enough. maybe it's true that they really don't help you recover ALL that much, but if it is going to make me mentally tougher, bring it on freezing water!

cheesy 3-egg omelet and an orange for breakfast...tell me i am not going to have the most awesome thursday ever!?
tonight is RUF and BOP's....going to be a great finale to a wonderful daybreak.

i hope you are having as good of day as i am,

p.s. i am starting my 4th roll of tp in 1.5 weeks, go me for being so regular! i buy 88 cent kroger brand, thankfully :)

in great spirits,


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  2. Such a good workout this morning! Thanks for all the encouragement! It felt so good to run with the team! See you in bio!