Saturday, August 29, 2009

no inserts, no pain, lots of gain

its saturday, which means its another best day in the life of renee.

workout went super. i don't think i could dream up a better outcome. we hit 82-84 for the 400s. i know, i know, you might say well that is slow for just 400 repeats, but the purpose of these 400s was to stretch our legs out BEFORE the 4 mile tempo run. simone and i beasted the loop finishing in 23:47. our splits were roughly (as i can try to remember) 6:08, 12:13, 18:12, 23:47. we dropped on the last mile, but i didn't seem to notice it. the third mile was probably the toughest for me. mentally i was conscious of everything, yet i didn't ONCE let my mind tell my body that i was "tired." i think this has a lot to do with taking my liquid iron so relgiously. we then finished up on the track with more 400s, again hitting 82-84, but sticking closer to the 82s. i felt so incredible this workout.

better yet, i ran in flats the whole time. you may say? well shouldn't you always do those workouts in flats? but the truth is, since my stress fracture i have been wearing customized inserts. problem is: they do not fit in my foot forming flats OR spikes. luckily, i customized my very own inserts for my flats (MYSELF!) by using mole skin. it was really fun to design (AND IT WORKED!!!!) only once did i let my mind venture to the feelings of my foot, and consequently, i thought it hurt....but im an idiot, cause it is realy fine.

ice bathed it up today, duh. it was a party let me tell you! we got 5 people in there. :D

city bagel after the workout and consume a seasme seed bagel with strawberry jelly on the side, deluxe! oh, and chocolate cow juice (milk!)

runner's high and flying,

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