Tuesday, March 20, 2012

moving forward

sorry i haven't posted recently, again.  i just don't feel like writing much these days.

this past weekend was the RAGIN' CAJUN CLASSIC.  i ran the 1500 and the 5k.  it was such a great season opener.

1500-4:35 high
it was windy and i took the lead from the get go.  i need to work on my 800-1200 leg.  i closed well, but still need to drop my times a bit.  that will come with time and practice.

coach told me literally 2 minutes after my 15 that if my leg wasn't hurting, i was going to run the 5k and try to help a teammate break 18 and get her a PR.  i was initially angry.  i hadn't mentally prepared.  but after i had cooled down a little bit and let my body relax, i was excited at this opportunity and realized i need to be adaptable.  all the good runners are flexible, adaptable, and can hurdle any obstacle that comes their way. puns intended.

the meet was running over an hour behind, welllll over an hour behind.  i didn't warm up for the 5k.  i was in a laxidazical mood.  humorous and light hearted before the race.  i knew i needed to tempo well and hit good splits in order for my teammate to PR.  we were rolling.  we caught the Colegate girl who had a 100 meter lead on us within the first mile.  we constantly pounded out 85 after 85.  my legs were tired, but the thrill i got from helping and pushing jodie was exhilarating.  jodie went on to win the race in 17:45. a HUGE PR for her.  i'm such a proud teammate.  she is going to have such a good year! she's a hard worker and has so much talent, it makes me nauseous.  after the race, i had endorphins flying high.  i am really glad coach put me in the 5k, especially from a training standpoint.  i'd love to run the 5k more often, it was fun.

today i had a great workout.  windy, but good.  i still hit all my times
3x4x400 with 90 secs rest at 71.  every 2nd 400 in each set i did hurdles in about 76-78.
i closed the workout in a 69.
the hurdles weren't terrible.
the third 400 of hurdles was just atrocious.
i was really happy with the second and last.

overall, it was a great workout and i am looking forward to the BIG TEN-SEC Challenge this weekend! :)

this is our house.

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  1. That is an AWESOME day Renee. Good luck this weekend! - Hope to see you all race this Friday, should be a perfect race for you.