Sunday, March 25, 2012


this weekend was the big 10/sec challenge.  WHAT A WEEKEND IT WAS!  we couldn't have had better weather.
Ole Miss

the Ohio State

The girls SEC beat the BIG 10 girls.  it was such an exciting day.

i ran the 1500 and the open 3k.  from a training standpoint, running the 3k open was a great idea.  going into the 1500, the only thing on my mind was "i'm about to do something i've never done, i'm about to run faster than i've ever run."  though my time didn't show a PR, i know i raced a PR.  with roughly 16 girls on the starting line, i got a good out.  following behind in stride with Tenn's Brittany Sheffey.  i can always count on her to run a true race, which i appreciate.  Sheffey's teammate rabbitted the first 1000 meters.  we went through the 400 at 67, feeling great. the 800 was 2:20, and i was complete on track to run a 4:20.  i think i went through the 12 at 3:33, BUTT i'm not positive on that.  lactic acid built up with about 250 to go and it was all i could do to finish the race.  happy with putting myself in the race and taking chances.  i think the coaches were pretty happy with how the race turned out even though my time was only 4:33.high.

after getting done with the 1500, i did an extended cool down, drank too many gatorades, and elevated my legs.  legs were definitely roasted, but excited to run the 3k.  most people in the race were fresh, i mean, completley fresh.  i knew the Ole Miss girls were gonna hammer it and my job was to just stay with them as much as possible.  hang on, run, have fun, work hard.  that was my job.  so.....we come through the 400 at 77 (which, i seriously thought was a 74 bc my legs were about to fall off) and that was the extent of staying with the Ole Miss trio.  i finished behind the trio, unsure of my time.  i knew i ran hard and from a training standpoint, it couldn't have been better.

after the meet, mom, dad and i went to Petty's.  Petty's is a local BBQ place, a hole in the wall shack with the best BBQ in town.  we sat down (which is outside at picnic tables) and enjoyed the time together.  it was a great night.  a few of the Wisconsin, Tenn, and Purdue athletes were eating there also because it was right across from their hotel.  this was a neat opportunity to talk to the other athletes and find out what events they do.  i really enjoyed talking to the Wisconsin heps and hurdlers.  after that, i convinced them to take me to Bop's (a frozen custard joint) because i had earned it.  i got the peach cobbler a la mode.  just a small.  a little piece of sweetness.

loren and i
best friends
my mom and dad and i before the high school meet on saturday
i love getting to spend time with my parents, though i never think i get enough.  they truly are the BEST parents in the world.  they come to all my meets, i am so very blessed and i can't wait to emulate them one day.  i know i take them for granted some times, but every time i get to see them, i am reminded how generous and loving and awesome parents they are.

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