Tuesday, February 7, 2012

it's go time

here are a few of my workouts since i have been back.  it's exciting that i am getting back to race shape.in fact, i am racing the mile leg in the DMR and the 3k this weekend in Birmingham.

i have done 5x3x400 meters.  coach wanted me to just relax and run 80's the first few. it was a fairly easy workout for me.  the rest was 100m jog and then between sets it was a 400.  i was happy with this, being that it was my first workout back.

i have also done 6x4min, and felt strong on this workout.

saturday, i ran 1000m, 4 mile, 1000m.
6:00 | 5:40 | 5:38 | 5:44

today i have 4x800 and 4x400.  it's going to be a tough workout, but it's going to prepare me for my first indoor race since my freshman year! ;) YAY

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