Tuesday, February 7, 2012

i think i'm going to die

4 x 800 with 4 min rest between each (2:28-2:32)

(i think these are right, coach will give me a print out of the workout tomorrow but this is what i remember).

8 min rest

4x400 with 90 seconds between each (70-72)

72 low

i am hacking up my lungs, i'm sick with a dry cough and lotts of mucus. yum.
i started taking liquid iron again.
i finally shaved my legs, yeah, i know...
i'm just tired.  i took a nap yesterday and today.
i have two tests and a quiz left this week and already had a lab practical on monday.  it's a busy week, but when it's over i get to race in birmingham! i can't wait to wear that maroon and white.

oh, and guess what, yeah, i got maroon tights today.  you're gonna have to peel these things off my body.  i'm never taking them off.  hands down the BEST BEST BEST piece of gear i have ever recieved while being here at MSU, and that's saying alot, because we get some pretty sweet stuff. 

anyway, i need to get back to my mircobiology study time.

gotta good feeling,


  1. I can't imagine doing that sort of workout! I got a good feeling for you this weekend, especially in the 1500.

  2. Yay for coughing up your lungs and maroon tights. Good luck this weekend.