Monday, December 12, 2011

now, where was i?

oh yes.

i ran 3 miles today.  my foot was tight for the first 6 minutes, but loosened up after that.  i put 9 new ice cups in the freeze when i got home so i hope they are ready to be used in the morning.  i need them, bad.  the outside (peroneal) tendons of my foot aren't giving me any trouble at all.  it is recently my inside tendons on my arch and median side.  i think most of this is my foot getting used to bending again after being locked up tight in a boot for 2.5 (wow, was that it!) weeks.  i really just don't want to step foot in the gym tomorrow, so i may run again a few hours after i ice cup.  LA Fitness, you have a customer who is more than excited to cancel her subscription!!

i am looking at these past two weeks as a blessing.  the bike provided me with excellent quad strengthening and hip flexor mobility.  both of which will come into great need in the spring.  it also allowed me to look at training in a different aspect, instead of being high strung and gung-ho (which we all know i am) about train, train, train, run, run, run, crunch, crunch, crunch, BREAK BREAK allowed me to simply clear my head, get my legs some much needed rest from the pounding, re-prioritize my life, put running into perspective, and is helping me make some future decisions.

i am so excited for what this indoor and outdoor season has in store.  i'm not counting my chickens before they all hatch, but......i think the first little egg is cracking and i hear a chirp.

i already miss Mississippi.  i miss the comfort of my house and my roommates. i miss my friends and the running gang.  i even miss (wow, nerd alert) school and the challenges and stress it brings into my life.

i have a few books to read this break.
The War of the Worlds -HG Wells
The Scarlett Letter-Nathanial Hawthorne
Steve Jobs-Walter Isaacson
Searching for God Knows What- Donald Miller (which i have already dove my nose into)
Age is Just a Number-Dara Torres (Olympic swimmer)

this is going to be a good but tough break.  i miss a lot of people already.  i didn't get to travel to kansas to see my friend kristen. i don't really have a daily schedule which freaks me out just a little.  what i do know is i will be running/cross-training, shopping for christmas presents, and hiding out in barnes and noble sipping on my new found love (french vanilla cappuccino with a sprinkle of sugar in the raw on top of the foam, for here)


  1. Happy to hear your foot is coming around:) Have a great holiday break!!

  2. YAY for running and burning gym memberships.