Thursday, December 15, 2011

30 minutes....what!?

i ran 30 minutes today.  thankfully it was with absolutely no pain at all.  i have run on the treadmill in my flats for the past i am  days.  not only do my flats seem to make my foot feel better, but also the treadmill surface is perfect.  when i run outside, i can hardly stand to run on the pavement.  the pounding really gets to my foot, but when i hit the grass my foot discomfort/hints of pain subsided completely.  wow.  i have never experienced anything like this in all of my days/years of injury.
i am doing my weights like instructed and still riding the bike a few times a week to maintain fitness.  i am excited for what the winter season will bring and hopefully continue healthily into outdoor.

i am reading the book on steve jobs, founder of Apple.  if you haven't read it, you should.  not that i agree with his morals,values, lifestyle, choices 100% of the time (but who agrees with anyone 100% of the time), but i can appreciate everything thing he has been through and how his hard work and passion for excellence drove him to success.  i hope to emulate him in that way. that isn't to say there were never heart breaks and let downs and set backs, but steve jobs made it.  this is a metaphor for my life including running.  there are ups and downs to every point in my life, but i get there....wherever "there" may be.  in my life, it isn't without the influence and help of God and i hope that i can somehow reflect back through my actions.

i'm anxious for tomorrow as i try to run 35 minutes.  my legs are so sore (which is really sorta surprising because i biked my brains out for 2.5 weeks, but i guess no poundage will do that to your legs.)  i look like an 80 year old woman walking down the stairs....but hey, whatever lets me run. ha.

(enter silly face, loud obnoxious laugh, big smile, and a warm hug here),
Noodle Butt

p.s. i love my cat, Nollard.

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