Tuesday, November 22, 2011

something is up with this foot of mine

hey people, runners, robots, babies, baby mommas and daddas, coaches, dudes, and none of the above, 

last week was a nice and easy week.  i ran every other day.  it was quite relaxing to get in some extra sleep.  i am finally sleeping better and my back/neck isn't so tight anymore.  that should be great news for my arms tightening while competing.  

i have been back in indiana and i am enjoying it, or well, i was enjoying it until today.  i have had 2 really great runs around town on sunday and monday.  however, today i decide to go downtown and run the canal.  no biggie, love running downtown and a great change of scenery.  

well, 20 minutes into the run i felt this twinge in my foot.   BAM! i had to take my shoe off, thankfully i was in NIFS and out of the drizzling rain.  i tried to push on the spot but nothing i couldn't feel a thing.  so i stood up, and that's when i felt it.  pain shot through my foot and i thought i was going to die.  

i walked back to the car, a measly 20 minute run.  wow, i felt pathetic.  ugh. 

i went to the doctor today to get my blood taken for ferritin levels.  hey since i was at the doctor's i might as well go ahead and get some x-rays.  so i did.  nothing. nada. zip. zilch. zippo. nil. nine. NOTHING WAS WRONG!

i shouldn't be freaking out, it's only been what.....10 hours since i ran.  but still, 2 knee surgeries and a stress fracture later, all i can do is be overly cautious and hesitant.  this wasn't some kinda hangnail pain, no this was like ripping my heart out of my chest pain.  i can't even walk without a limp.

i promise i'm not being a 2 year old,
noodle butt.

oh and what's more, is guess what i got and now don't really get to flaunt because of my damn foot....yeah, brooks t7 racers.  shut up, i know!


  1. Praying for your foot! I really hope there isn't anything wrong! You are too fit and too fast to go through another injury! Be careful and cautious! Hope you are enjoying your time at home. Can't wait for our next date! Love you!

  2. xrays don't show muscles though. I hope your foot gets better. Perhaps your insurance will cover an MRI.. I don't think CT scans do much in way of muscles/ligaments, but could be wrong.

    being on the disabled list bites. Hope you're not there long.