Monday, November 14, 2011

have you...?

have you ever wanted something so bad, it physically hurts?

have you ever wanted that something so bad that when you don't get it, every time you think about it, your heart is close to ripping out of your chest, your eyes are flooded with tears, and nothing else is on your mind?

have you ever wanted something so bad that you are willing to do anything to get it back?

have you ever felt so alone in your desire?

have you ever felt like your fighting an uphill, never ending battle?

have you ever felt that the fight was tougher than the battle?

have you ever wanted to cave to pain and decided not to?

have you ever given every ounce of everything you had?

have you ever looked back when it was all said and done, and wished you could change the outcome?


  1. Renee, I can't pretend to know how you are feeling but I do know what it feels like to be frustrated with your situation/body/circumstances. I broke my femur in April and it is still a painful experience everytime I lace up and attempt to run. Let the adversity be the fuel for that fire inside of you that has made you the incredible example of talent, heart, and dedication you are today. Hang in there Renee and than you for always being an inspiration.

  2. Gah. I know the feeling. Two years ago my brother was on a state winning cross team, and it was awesome. But it sucked too, because I knew I had worked my ass off just as hard but I would never get a state title. To this day I still have no state title, and there's nothing I can do about it. I have worked my ass off. I have been through hell and back about 100 times. but it's just not happening for me.