Saturday, October 8, 2011

workout week recap

this week has been a great week of training.  it has helped prepare us for faster paces at the beginning of the race as well as help us finish with a strong kick.

tuesday's workout: 1-4-1 tempo

thursday's workout: 10 x 400 hills

saturday's workout: 5 x mile

5 x mile: cross-country course, 2 up-hill, 3 flat; 3-4 minutes rest

  • mile 1-flat, 5:30 
  • mile 2-uphill, 5:31
  • mile 3-flat, 5:26
  • mile 4-uphill, 5:30
  • mile 5-flat, 5:30
today was mentally tough.  the workout wasn't hard until miles 4 and 5.  i felt great on mile 3.  i felt very smooth and relaxed, but i had the "renee-look" and fluid motion.  i had to give myself a pep talk in the middle of each mile reminding myself that miles 4 and 5 are where champions are made.  

anyone can run 3 miles hard. 
anyone can run the first 800 hard.  
anyone can get through the first half of the workout with ease. 
it's the second half of the workout that 
defines who you are, 
shows you what you're made of, 
and take you where you want to go.
it's the second half of any battle that is remembered. 

it has been a struggle to completely recover with only one day in between workouts, but in my opinion, that is what can make the difference between "we should have" and "we did."
it's working out when you don't feel like working out that the champion-like mindset has a chance to mature.
it is pushing and encouraging your teammates who are struggling that makes the whole team better.
it is being apart of a group that is so focused and desires nothing more than to to be apart of something so magnificent that makes struggling, bleeding, gasping, vomiting, hurting, crying, sweating, screaming, arguing, battling, smiling, and grinding so very appealing.  

this is who we are.  
this is what we do. 
2011 sewanee invite
2011 summer practice
2010 uga invite
2009 at sewanee (injured 2 days later)

2008 at sewanee
2007 cross country at Beech Grove High School

for You Lord, i will run with these beautiful feet.

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