Wednesday, October 5, 2011

hey i just ran faster than at Paul Short

so the team straight destroyed the workout yesterday

Anna is running like a champ.
Haley pushed us through.
Emma ran so consistently on her 3-mile tempo.
Jodie negative split to carry the second pack to a 5:33 mile on mile 5.
Takalala ran an average of 12 seconds faster than her goal paces.
Katie H negative split her last mile on the 3-mile tempo and wrapped up the second fast mile 5 seconds faster than the first fast mile at 5:32.
Carmen, Dri, and Dianna all ran strong in a pack running faster than their goal paces.
Elisabeth completed her first workout since she can last remember AND did it faster than targeted!
Lauren hung strong through her workout and did not give up.
800 group
Christina just straight shredded her workout splitting 5:54 for her second fast mile.
CR ran so evenly throughout her whole workout!
Evie hung tough packing with CR leading her through the workout.

our team is just coming on like a hurricane.  one thing for sure is that when we went to Paul Short, we didn't know what to expect.  our bodies were immediately shocked by the fast get-out and more or less just tried to hang on for dear life for the rest of the race.  there was no enjoyment about racing Paul Short, just surviving.  

one thing this workout did for us was simulate the fast start while being able to maintain the pace.  this was one of the most successful workouts as a collective team we have ever had.

we had 1 mile fast, 4 mile steady tempo, 1 mile fast.
I  was pleased with my performance and mental attitude throughout the whole workout.

1 mile: 5:29
3-min rest
4-mile tempo: 23:23 (5:42, 5:57, 5:55, 5:49)
3-min rest
1 mile: 5:25

averaging 5:42/mile

if we can carry this momentum into the rest of this week and to Pre-Nats next week, there is no doubt in my mind that heads can't help but be turning.

yeah, i'm pretty sure we just ran faster than we ran at Paul Short.

UAWA, forever.

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