Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pre-Nats Recap

Operation Pre-Nationals was a success, in my mind.  

boys on the bus, yes, that would be 3 beds,
our bus has 28 beds.
Sure, my time wasn't up to par compared to what i have been running, but my effort and strength and mentality out-shined any possible time that i could have posted.

I pushed my body to the max.
I used my strength up the hill and let my arms pull me through the finish. (arms set your tempo, so work arms work)
I didn't let my mind slow me down and I stayed positive through the entire race.

Still noticing tightness and light-headedness after the race so I am going to up my iron intake for the rest of the season.

I rolled through the 1k at 3:23 (downhill) getting and maintaining a great position in the top 25-30, and the 2k at 6:47 (which I was a little hesitant about but told myself to grind, so I did)  I can't remember my 3k time, low 10:30s??? and then saw the 4k but was so focused I didn't hear a thing or see the time. i passed the 5k around 17:55 (a minute slower than what i should be at next race) but then the majority of the last kilo was into the wind rounding me out at 21:45-ish.

My time is an unacceptable time on any other course.  I was pleased with how I ran though, when it is all said and done. I am not making excuses or complaining, but we had a 25mph head wind at some parts of the course (start, finish, get the idea). The temperature was supreme for a race.  I am really glad we are getting the opportunity to run so many 6k's this year.  I think it will make a huge difference at SECs and regionals.

my sister
It was great to see my family and really great to see some of my long time friends.  Indiana is truly were my heart is planted.  No matter where I go, when I go back to my roots, I am refreshed, recharged, and refocused.  My high school coach came to my meet and it was a WONDERFUL surprise.  i don't get surprised often, but this was a GREAT surprise!
we are on the bus back to Starkville right now.  it is great.  I had a long, personal conversation with some of my teammates.  we gave each other our honest opinions of each other.  we all really appreciated the honesty.  i love my teammates so much.  i am truly blessed.
carter, phil, mike at the course the day before
i can't speak for everyone else about how they felt about their race, but i was confident and still am going into these next few weeks.  i am thankful for my coaches and how they have prepared me.  they continue to believe in me and i continue to grind for them, my teammates, and myself.  

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