Thursday, October 13, 2011

knee soreness

chrissie wellington's beautiful legs and
absolutely most attractive running shoes the T7 Racer
omg i want a pair, 8.5 please
i had a wonderful workout yesterday.

(2 minutes rest)
 8 x 800

(5 minutes, i didn't really want this much)

however, today i am paying for it.  i am dealing with a bit of knee soreness where i had my surgery last february.  i ran 4 miles this morning with ease.  it is not nagging, but i can tell my knee isn't normal.  i think i have a bit of inflammation there.  i decided not to do my afternoon run.  i only missed 4 miles and i wanted to be safe than sorry.  i aqua jogged instead.  i had a massage today and made sure Jack spent some extra time on my quads/IT band.  i also iced my knee.  i'm not too worried about it.

i know i had a really great workout and stressed my body a lot during it.  i think my body just was shocked from my track workout.  i mean, closing 8 x 800 in 2:27.....maybe i should have been a bit more conservative.  i just can't help it sometimes, i'm hungry for track already.

headed to indiana in the morning for Pre-Nats,

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  1. Is it weird I could stare at Chrissie's legs for an abnormal amount of time? haha. Hope this pain goes away asap. And huge high five for that workout, you are a beast! :)