Saturday, September 10, 2011

tempoin', grindin', lovin'

wow. what a weekend it has been.  i successfully rearranged my room and did all my laundry.  i mean, all of it.  i had no socks, no underwear, no running shirts, no bras, no sports bras, etc clean.  i mean, i had a pile that would rival mount everest if it was given the chance.  ridiculous.

anyway, the day started out wonderful with a tempo.  it was roughly 57º when i got to the track.  beautiful!  i had a 7 mile tempo run, 11 miles total today rounding out a solid 55 mile week.

i ran with haley and we could not have run the tempo run any more perfect than we did.  UAWA! we are just shredding workouts left and right.  i'm counting my blessings though and never taking my ability for granted.  this week i had my left hamstring flare up.  i rehabbed and took some ibprofen.  haley and i run so well together.  she is a tempo queen and i am a interval czar.  basically, she pushes me in all the areas i need my butt whooped in and i gladly return the favor.  this is what being a team is all about, we help each other and push each other and encourage each other.  we had solid packs through the whole tempo, they ran it just as consistently and just as impressively.


7-mile tempo splits
5-5:31 (about 10 seconds short on this one)

41:27 for 7 miles 
well under 6-min average for a tempo/practice.

this was an extremely rolling course.  long inclines.  not my cup of tea, but then again, what doesn't kill me makes me stronger.

it's a five mile course we call campus-5.  we ran it for many of our summer kenyan tempo runs.  the 5 mile loop is about 40 metes short but hey, it's close.

i was so giddy after the workout.  i was high on endorphins and so excited for my team.

don't forget to run relentless and never stop grindin',

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  1. WooHoo! Good weekend for sure:) Nice job, lady!