Thursday, September 8, 2011

all i do is win win win, no matter what

today has been a great day thus far.

1. 8 x 1000 at 5:30am

2. christmas music

3. christmas is in 107 days

4. i can sing in baritone

5. homemade ice bath

6. panda express with a classmate

7. team head shot pictures

8. done with classes for the day

9. it's my mother's 45th birthday

10.  i have great roommates and teammates.

11.  it is a constant 75ยบ here

12. i donated 20¢ to breat cancer research by entering a code from my Okios CLICK HERE

13. i dissected a cat today

14.  just called the toilet hiroshima because i m dropping bombs today.

as you can see, there is just a lot of good going on today.  i hope your day is going just as great.  i challenge you to make a positive difference in someone's day today!

<3 noodle

i took this picture in a bathroom stall

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