Saturday, September 24, 2011

8-mile tempo and the importance of teammates

coach switched our tempo run to saturday because not everyone was completely recovered from the hilly workout on wednesday.  i could have done the workout on friday, but i was glad to have to moved-both mentally and physically glad.

smooth and relaxed, mostly downhill, felt like a 6:20

uphill but still relaxed, last 800 of this mile was harder than first 800

in my opinion the hardest mile of the the set, all up hill at the vet school, still hanging on mentally unlike the summer

coach wasn't at the mile marker so i split my watch where i thought the mark was. we started to drop the hammer right after the 3 mile mark and then i told haley i wanted to stay at 5:50 and she agreed so we backed down just a bit, we did a pretty good job of pacing

little long because we had to run to the inside of the track, ran last 3 miles on the track, felt great though, i wasn't excited to run last 3 on the track because that meant i would know my splits every lap

on track, effort felt harder, kinda in a bad mood knowing i had 12 laps, but soon snapped out of it and just ran

IT band tightened up from circling track, but felt strong, haley really pulled me on this mile and kept me in check, really worked on not letting a gap form realizing this is how i will have to run against other teams at meets like Paul Short and Pre-Nats

caught second wind or just got giddy because only had a mile to go, last 1200 i felt golden learning how to close during races and trying to work on mental toughness when i fall away from pack, opened my stride and took it home closing in a 75

8-mile tempo in 47:09 compared to 2 weeks ago 41:27 for 7-miles.


i couldn't do it without them.
i couldn't be as successful without them.
i couldn't mentally get through the day without them.
i couldn't be who i am today without them.  

my teammates are so important to me.
each and every one of them.
one good days and bad days, we back each other.

we are a team,
we are friends,
but most of all we are a family.

we push each other when we are hurting in workouts.
we listen to each other's struggles and pains.
we empathize but smile with those in the pool or on the bike.
we lend helping hands in anything we need assistance.
we encourage one another.
we are real to the bone and tell each other what we need to hear, even when the truth is hard.
we are sisters and stick closer than any friend could.
we grind for each other.
we feed off of each other's attitude and spirit.
we are bulldogs, we live to UAWA.

it's not just one person fueling the fire every minute of every day.  it takes a team to build a fire so hot that it is inextinguishable.  as bulldogs, we have built an eternal flame.

being a team mate is one of the purest joys i have ever had in my life.  knowing that some one trusts you and depends on you is so freeing. when you know you're not alone in this world, when you know you don't have to go the road alone, you have a dream already come true.  not many people can share this bond, but teammates, that's not a bond i would ever forfeit or trade.

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