Wednesday, August 3, 2011


my legs have been feeling so-so over the last few days, but i am doing surprisingly fantastic.  i say "my legs" as if they are a separate person all together.  really, they are.  i am great. i am doing very well lately and my head seems to be sitting on my head straight.
being back in starkville has rejuvenated me beyond belief and i am getting back in to a routine that fits my lifestyle-which is "plan, plan, plan, eat, sleep, run, plan, leave room for spontaneity, repeat til near death"-one of THOSE lifestyles and it suits me just fine.  but my legs, those are in a completely different world.  doing 65 mi weeks with no guaranteed ice bath (not on my authority, sometimes football isn't in the training room which means us second-class athletes have no access in the summer) is hard.

monday i split my 11 mi run into 7 in the AM and 4 in the PM.  in the PM, i think i pulled an ab muscle or something went seriously wrong.  i had a cramp, and i mean it felt like someone double crossed my abdomen with a chisel and then proceeded to sculpt the David into my diaphragm.  it was miserable.

tuesday i ran an easy 8 miles with the girls.  it was nice and relaxing, yet still,  it felt like a velociraptor was attacking my insides.  i think to myself, "maybe i pulled an ab muscle?" but i haven't done anything strenuous (besides run).  "maybe one of my ribs is out of place again....yeah, maybe that's it, i do have trouble with deep breaths" day continues.

wednesday (today) was an 11 mile broken tempo.  had a nice 5 mile and then 5 mile tempo and 1 mile cool down.  the 5 mile tempo was great.  i ran 30:58 meaning i averaged 6:11-12 for 5 miles.  we did campus-5 loop and it is honestly the hilliest of all loops.  i wish we had done it backwards.  my quads think i'm the devil for putting them through such hell.  my ab stil really hurts. i just can't figure out what is wrong.  i push on it and it feels like a very sore muscle.  no other place hurts like that except my lower left ab.  grrr.

less than a week and we will be one big happy family again.  morgan is back from spain.  i missed her so much.  she got me a beautiful lace scarf and a pink sundress.  she knows me too well. i love her and when i saw her, i did not want to stop hugging her!
"ok renee, america's next top model.....go"

morgles and noods

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  1. Your such a freaking cutie! :) I bet it feels wonderful to get back into the groove of things!! Give your legs a much needed ice bath soon!