Tuesday, August 9, 2011

new house, new year, new life

i have been away from my computer for quite some time.  it has truly been liberating to not feel obligated to check my Facebook, my blog, my non-existant twitter, my email, my netflix, my pandora, my every-other-internet-dependent-website-that-wastes-time.  however, it is imperative that i return.  i have to study for the GRE that i take at the end of the week.  it is nice to know that the internet is not my life anymore.

being back in the 662 has been fantastic.  everyone is slowly trickling into town.  it's wonderful to see the teamwork and how helpful everyone is with moving everyone into their new houses.  with 10 people, everyone gets settled into their houses a lot quicker.

my parents came this past weekend to help set up my house and bring furniture.  i have the best parents in the world.  i can't wait until they come back to Starkville.  i have a HOME now and i didn't want them to leave it.  it felt so natural.  i loved having my parents in town.   my dad did so much for us.  he got us a SWEET tv and entertainment center and he put all the curtains up.

running has been going great.  last week i got 55-57 miles in.  my legs are refreshed after ice baths.  i have been doing contrast baths with Tiffany Dudley (aka my idol) and that has really benefitted my legs. tomorrow is another 11 mile broken-tempo.  i am looking forward to it.  i think i will be much stronger on this tempo.  the guys are back in town so that will really push me to do better.  i miss having haley as a training partner.  simone's calf/achilles is finally feeling better.  anna is strong and fit.  christina continues to impress me with her mileage (she is an 800m runner doing 55 miles a week, and destroying it at that!)

here are some pictures as to what i have been up to.  i will never, ever get tired of seeing every sunrise on my morning runs nor exhaust from the sun setting in my back yard over the lake.

there is a lot of lightening in Starkvegas

i snapped this shot with my iPhone.  i love storms.

my backyard

the team came over for a baked ziti dinner prepared by Mrs. V

i made this dinner!
sweet potato (SOOO GOOD)
crock-pot chicken (YUMMM)
strawberry-peach apple sauce (YEAH, AWESOME)

this could never get old

God is Good. 
Run Relentless.

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