Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ready for the fall

my beautiful family at a luau
me and a statue of grete waitz! 
me dad and sis
disney world was a blast but a real damper on my training. i had to do all my runs on a treadmill (actually thoroughly enjoying, surprisingly) i hate walking and that's all we did a disney.  i was on my legs from sun-up (running at 5am) to sun-down (getting back to the hotel room around 10).  running, walking, standing in line, walking, more walking, occasional sit-down, walking, sleep, repeat.......a vicious cycle for my poor legs. i missed tuesday's and friday's recovery run due to the trip.
me and budsey about to tear up downtown disney
yes, my legs.

my legs have literally just felt worthless and my state of mind isn't much different.  i have not had continuous ice bath cycles in about a month.  my legs are taking the toll.  i have no one to run with so i can't wait to get back to starkville.  it's hotter here than florida.  we are in a drought and the heat index rises to 120 degrees.  this is ridiculous.  it feels worse than mississippi.  most of my runs are at 7:10 pace which i don't mind, but when every single day i am running near 6:45/mi to finish a run, my legs aren't recovering too well (especially with no ice bath or massage----MSU YOU SPOIL ME!!)

i am headed back home, to starkville.  that is truly where i belong at this point in my life.

i have decided that i am going to give vet school my attention.  i haven't looked into the logistics/scholarships vs. running/masters/all that jazz....but vet school sounds like a solid plan for me, a nerdy biology freak who has all the love and knowledge in the world about animals.  if i can't go to vet school and run, then i will probably get my master's in zoology (since i can still run and get my master's with my amount of eligibility left)

drinking coffee and watching dexter,



  1. I have that same picture with Grete!!

  2. You are such a stunning girl with great style!! :) Good luck with your vet adventure.