Wednesday, July 20, 2011

eagle creek

i woke up late (7:21 AM) and well, it was already like 90 degrees outside and the sun was going to instantly fry my skin, so i decided i would run in the shade (a very good alternative).  this lead me to run at eagle creek.  this is my all time favorite place to get lost, or rather, run.  i was supposed to run 8 miles at a moderate pace.  i was shooting for 7:00-7:15/ mi.  well, i ended up getting lost (like always because i'd rather look at trees and animals and the lakes and the ground than really pay attention to which trail i am on) anyway, i ran slightly over 9 miles.  i was scheduled to run 8 miles.

my legs felt much better today than they have since i left mississippi.  i think i needed soft surface/trails to run on.  also, the change of scenery helped out a lot.  i can't run with music and if there isn't something new every 20 feet my mind starts to beat me up.  i can't wait to start racing, my brute mental strength will surely kick in and no one will be able to stop me (my mind will especially not hold me back)

you all should be jealous that i got to run 9 miles of trails completely in the shade and completely on trails....i know, i know, don't hate me.

i took this picture in disney world


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