Saturday, July 9, 2011

M.I.A since about 2 weeks ago EEEK

i have been missing in action for about 2 weeks now.  let me up date you.  i went to texas and had a great fourth of july.  while there i got some serious milage in.  however, i didn't sleep enough, the crazy hotness drained me, being in the sun all day long wore me out, staying up late to watch movies, the hill after hill after hill beat up my legs.  that was my every day.

i didn't finish my tempo on wednesday.  i got 3 miles out and decided i didn't want to do it anymore so i just walked back.  my legs felt like they are supposed to feel in december.  so....well, i took an ice bath.  i needed it.  it didn't do the job completely but iy helped.  i just haven't had the resources to take an ice bath.  even still my legs are jello-y.  i didn't run thursday.

today my long run was good.  i ran with my iPod but i still wish i had someone to run with.  i am constantly dehydrated and feel weak no matter how much water i drink or how much iron i guzzle.  actually, liquid iron is so delcious i think i could just drink it during dinner.

tomorrow is sunday.  i think i am going to take that off too.  my legs took a beating from texas.  with traveling and the hills, i feel like i just ran a marathon (or what i would imagine my legs to feel like)

next week i have 60 miles.  on top of 60 miles i am walking 6-10 miles a day at Disney.  this is going to be death.  i really don't think i'm going to make it.  my legs, my body will hate me.  awesome.

me, alison, ana

the boat died so we had to pull it in, well...the slave children pulled it in while i took pictures

ana and i TWINS

mud fight!  


john and i laying on some floats

ok, now back to reading a fun book.....

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