Saturday, June 25, 2011

this morning we had a long run at the refuge.  it was the best long run i have had in a really long time.  as you can see, we had a huge group go to the refuge.  it was a cooler morning since it has rained the past few nights.  on a positive note, i didn't even see one single bug.  we had two of my future teammates run with us this morning because they had freshman orientation.  i am so very excited to start the cross-country season.  i am finally getting in-shape and toning up since my injury/surgery.  

i am in the 4th of july spirit and i am ready for texas.  
i have been ready to go back to texas since the minute i left.  

 tonight i cooked a new dish i call dubbed "twenty-one rice" it is rice, chickpeas, shitake mushrooms, a little bit of ground beef, tomatoes, banana peppers, and onions.  it was delicious and i ate nearly all of it.  i also made a smoothie.  it contained orange juice, silk milk, frozen black cherries, and liquid iron. 


  1. that rice sounds good! hey you should check out sodelicious coco milk, it is high in Sat Fat BUT it is the best kind of Saturated fat out there with 65% of it being MCFA's (medium chain fatty acids). MCFA's are awesome for you, unlike other types of fat that the body stores and then later uses, these are immediately ready for energy and have other healthy attributes. Anyway, really cool cooking :)

  2. Liquid iron in your smoothie? You are so crazy, lady! lol.