Wednesday, June 8, 2011

homemade skinny vanilla mocha

yes, i know, everyone thinks about creating their own speciality drink, but who has the time to really do it!?  well, i certainly don't BUT i stopped studying to get an afternoon fix.  

here is what you need to make your very own (free NOT starbucks) skinny vanilla mocha

  • leftover coffee from the morning
    • i usually have enough to make about half/three quarters a cup
  • vanilla extract
  • swiss miss (or your prefered brand) hot chocolate mix
    • they max low fat hot chocolate mix if you care
  • water
  • a working microwave
  • a fancy coffee cup the size of your head
now that you have gathered your materials, you must play scientist and mix the reactants!
  1. power coffee into mug and fill remaining portion with water (or you could use milk/silk for a more creamy palate)
  2. heat the liquid up in the microwave, 2 minutes
  3. tear open powder chocolatelyness and pour into watery coffee
  4. add a little vanilla extract for added flavor
  5. stir and enjoy!
you could even put whipped cream on top or marshmellows.  also, pour over a mountain of ice and make it a chilled beverage for a hot day.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this sounds delicious. I will have to try it for sure! I have a question for you! Since you drink coffee do you notice any effect on your running? I have read multiple sources about how caffeine helps your running etc but prefer hearing what fellow runners have to say about it. lol from a dietetics standpoint it's good for athletes and physical performance but I wanted to know what you thought of it! Or if you have noticed any difference.