Friday, April 22, 2011

rawr rawr rawr hax #tweettweettweeters

im so hyper right now.
im listening to hawthorne heights and screaming so loud.
i took an ice bath that makes my legs fee alive
i ate rice krispie cereal for breakfast
i did 20 minute run and strides and warm-up routine.
i wannnnnnna ra-ra-ra-ra-runnnnnnnnnnn!  :)
im about to go get indiana tattooed on my butt/hip area so you can see in running buns
i need more coffee
i have butterflies like a t-rex
i took empty boxes from football so i can pack my apartment
i love chelsea rae smyth
i made myself a cut-off tee.
im really freaking out right now i just wanna laugh laugh laugh.
lawlzhaxCRftw #becauseican

klfashjdfkjdhfgkjhdsfgkjhsdfkgjhsdkjlfhgkljsdfgu;oiafduvo;idmvkajefngoiadjubkdvn yes, that is me in a happy nutshell right now.

what a beautiful life!

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