Friday, April 22, 2011

Quick Feet

this is what i unfortunately really look like LOL
this is what i feel like inside
happiness, butterflies, excitement, freedom
mystery, ambitions
Yesterday was yet another rainy day.  It honestly seemed like this weather was never going to end.  However, today, I can see a hint of blue peaking through the vast white cotton overhead.  Thankfully, by 3:30 the weather dulled down and was very pleasant to run in.  It was only drizzling and the wind had dulled to about 15 mph.

Coach gave us 2 x 400's at fast.   ran a 62.9 and a 63.1.  I had 8-minutes in between the two 400s.  I was very surprised I could get my legs going that fast again.  Had you told me a week ago that I could do 2x400s back-to-back in less than 65, I would have laughed.....straight up laughed in your face.

I got a massage from Sophie last night.  My shins are rocked.  I have a golf-ball sized knot in both my shins.  Yeah, it hurts.  After Sophie worked on my calves, my shins felt a lot better.  However, this morning, my shins hurt just walking.  I think I am going to take an ice bath after my easy 15-20 min run.

this is after loren's stunning performance in the easter musical
"Portrait of Love"
Loren has the voice of an angel!  

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