Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jace Lacoste Invite

today was the jace lacoste invitational. it was a great day to be a bulldog and a great day to run.  everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves thoroughly.  there was not a lot of competition; however, it was another chance to get a race under my belt and feel my way through a 1500.

if you look at my time, 4:45, you may think to yourself, "wow, didn't she run that 2 weeks ago? is she not getting any faster?"  and you would be right on one account.  i did run that time 2 weeks ago, BUT i am getting faster.  coach said you could probably take off 7-8 seconds due to the wind factor.  we had about 20 mph wind at the time of my race.  i knew i could trudge through the wind, but i really wanted to post a fast time.  coach franks would hit me in the face if he knew i was STILL talking about times.  that's another story.  nonetheless, my race effort was there.  i fell asleep from 400-800 meters.  but then jumped back in it the rest of the race.  i closed exceptionally well (sorry for my pride, but i was really excited to finally finish strong) and after i had finished i knew i could have run 400 more meters.  it was a good opportunity to gain mental toughness-extra effort (MTXE for my dub-c boys back home).

after the race, schmidt gave me the option of running the 800.  i decided not to because my knee has been a little bothersome and i figured 2 hard races in one day might not be the best for me right now.  instead, i tempo-ish-ed with cameron for our cool down.  we were rolling about 6:40 pace for 35 minutes.  we ended up doing north farm and it was so enjoyable.  we were able to talk a lot about goals, decisions, life, among other things.  it was fun to run with a guy.  plus it's fun to run with guys when you can keep up (or they decide to run slow enough so you can, haha)  thanks cameron for a great cool-down.

the meet was a great atmosphere where team bonding and constant learning took place.  i was able to talk to many of my team mates on a more deep level than i ever have before: cameron on the run, christina after the race, katie about perseverance and her abundance of talent.

cr got that spark back in her eye today.  she is looking so strong.  coach said about 4-5 seconds on her race due to the wind.

matt cam and i both received the frances h. newsom award.  this is a scholar-athlete award based primarily on academics and the second time i have received it.  this was encouraging as my next 4.0 is slowly making its way this semester.  4 more days of class!  i can't wait!

well, tonight is going to be a great night.  a great way to spend the weekend.  (star)>(sun) ergo (pizza)

oh i can't forget to mention haley!  SHE RACED AT MT SAC!  she ran 34:04 for her first 10k.  she split 17:01 and 17:03.  i am so proud of her and can't wait to be running with her again in the fall!  YES HAY!!! GREAT JOB!!!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Renee :) I'm so happy you're racing again. You are looking so strong! Keep fighting the way you always do :)