Friday, April 1, 2011

hey, at least i tried....or something like that

today was my first college track race.  what an experience it was. i forgot how incredibly tough track races were.  i have been gone from that sort of excitement for too long.  i don't really want to talk about the race too much.  i don't remember a lot and i can't say i want to be a 1500 m runner.  i'd rather run the 3k steeple or 5k.  anyway, 1500 was an animal of a first race back.  i hit my paces that i visualized.  i felt really great the whole run, i felt strong, i just didn't have my speed legs under me.

i ran a 4:45.1.  i'm happy with this.  after all, it's early and i have only done 4 works and been seriously running for 2-3 weeks now.

i love track.  did i mention that?  i so much enjoy cheering people on.  haley ran like a champ in the 5k running 16:40 and several of the guys broke 15.  many people PR'd and all the girls in the 1500 PR'd.  i'm glad i could be apart of that.

pictures to come soon.

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  1. You looked beautiful. I hope I get the chance to watch you steeple, I feel you would be fabulous at it. Congrats on your race. It's only a few more weeks and you'll be back running faster than ever. I say this because Houston keeps saying you were in "sick" shape in cross- soon you will find those legs again.