Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4x3x400 at 72-73

oh it was my weekly 400 session.  and oh how fabulous it was.  i'm not entirely sure these spilts are accurate because i can't exactly remember, but it's incredibly close.  i know i hit 74 twice, the second time i hit 74 the wind was extremely strong. i was under pace on several and mainly hit 72s.  i'm very excited about training right now.

1st        2nd       3rd        4th
72         71          73        71
74         72          74        72
73         72          72        71

my knee is a little tender tonight.  it is the first time it has bothered me since before surgery.   i think it is because i have not been able to leg drain or ice bathe in a week.  i'm taking liquid iron like a champ, so dad, don't you worry :) i'm exhausted.  i have been so busy with school work it's ridiculous.  i have 7 days of class left though, WHAT'S UP NOW!?

p.s. i got my hair CHOPPED OFF today. what do you think?

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