Saturday, March 5, 2011

rain rain come and stay i need to study all day

i was able to run 2 miles yesterday with minimal pain, just discomfort.  who said running had to feel good anyway?  i ran in the downpour, it was fantastic.  there truly is nothing like a refreshing run in the cold pounding rain.
today i was able to run 2 miles again.   i was fortunate enough to run with jay mcilliece.  he is one of my teammates and he is recovering from having mono twice and trying to boost his immune system.  it was a good run and we were running at a good pace.

i am very fortunate to be able to run even 10 minutes at this point.  i still have a goal of racing on the 26th.  coach doesn't think it is a good idea, maybe it isn't.  i just want to be under those lights so bad.  it's been 3 years since i have raced on the track.  i want out of my cage you guys!

tomorrow is going to be a day of rest.  then hopefully come monday i can run a little every day and get cleared to run run run on tuesday from dr. linton.

i'm still pulling out my hair. mia is missing at this point. :D coffee is still my drug of choice. and school is at it's most evil.  but guess what, i am making it.


p.s. don't eat pizza.  it throws you off for a whole week.  i mean...........seriously. not worth it.

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