Wednesday, March 2, 2011


i ran another mile today.  here is the kicker, it was at 7:06 pace.  i felt great.  each time the more i run, the more it loosens up.  i really wanted to keep running but i was told not to increase again until friday.  i am taking tomorrow off and then running friday and saturday.  i am pretty excited.  i know i should be conservative but not a neo-nazi snail pace at coming back.  i just want to run already.  i have been through it once, i know what i can and can't handle.  i guess that is one positive from this drawn out "seemingly" negative thing.

i am looking forward to the day when i can look back to see this injury as a blessing in disguise.  it always happens.  i am so grateful for injuries.  they really let you focus on other things, reevaluate your passion and desire for running, ignite the fire within, and let you explore other qualities you might not have found otherwise.  i'm guessing that june 15 will be the very day i realize that it was a blessing in disguise.  june 15 sounds good.

i'm pretty upset with myself because i am still pulling out my hair and don't realize until i actually pull out too much at one time to cause a goose-egg or i start to bleed.  also, i came face to face with an old friend, rather bully, Mia.  grrrrreat.  she wasn't so strong this time, but to know she is back around these parts and lurks where i least expect it really freaks me out. well, i know the steps to take and i know where the road to recovery starts, but my feet feel so solidified in quick-sand.

homework has me drowning in tears and headaches.
i really like being alone at this point in time.
i just want to sit outside and sip a piña colada, which actually sounds repulsive at this hour but a nice vacation-y scene.

going to play the guitar,

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  1. I'm interested to know who/what Mia is...
    I like seeing you back on the track, Renee.